Apparently not alot of people have warmed up to the created for TV show character Fish Mooney, played by the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith. Some have written that she is out of place, and not in a usual position of mob boss for a person of her gender and race. Others have said that she is over the top, which is hilarious when we are talking about a villain who lives in the same city as Joker, Penguin, Riddler, & Killer Croc & Clayface. Maybe they would have been more comfortable if she was playing a maid, cook, or prostitute, or drug addict. So here is a history lesson for all of the people who are having a hard time taking Fish Mooney seriously. When then character was first introduced, I was instantly reminded of Queenie St. Clair.

"Stephanie St. Clair (1886–1969) was a female gang leader who ran numerous criminal enterprises in Harlem, New York in the early part of the 20th century. Despite resisting the interests of the Mafia for several years after Prohibition ended, she continued to be an independent operator never coming under mafia control.

She complained to local authorities about harassment by the NYPD, and when they paid no heed she ran advertisements in Harlem newspapers, accusing senior police officers of corruption. The police responded by arresting her on a trumped up charge, and in response she testified to the Seabury Commission about the kickbacks she had paid them. The Commission subsequently fired more than a dozen police officers.

After the end of Prohibition, Jewish and Italian-American crime families saw a decrease in profits and decided to move in on the Harlem gambling scene. Bronx-based mob boss Dutch Schultz was the first to move in, beating and killing numbers operators who would not pay him protection.

St. Clair and her chief enforcer Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson refused to pay protection to Schultz despite the amount of violence and intimidation by police they faced. Eventually Bumpy Johnson, her former enforcer, negotiated with Lucky Luciano and Lucky took over Schultz’ spots with a percentage going to Bumpy. The Italians then had to go to Bumpy first if they had any problems in Harlem. That’s when the legend of Bumpy Johnson began. The book “Harlem Godfather” by Bumpy’s wife, Mayme Johnson, provides a factual account of this.

Luciano realized that the struggle with the Five Families was hurting their business so Schultz was assassinated in 1935 on the orders of The Commission, St. Clair sent a telegram to his hospital bed as the gangster lay dying. It read, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” The incident made headlines across the nation.

By the 1940s, “Bumpy” Johnson had become the reigning king in Harlem while St. Clair became less and less involved in the numbers game. She died quietly and still rich in Harlem in 1969.”

A strong black woman who stood toe to toe with the Mafia & the NYPD? Sounds like Fish Mooney to me. She doesn’t look so out of place now, does she?









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And no, it’s not because they ship Ichabbie, it’s because they find her character absolutely unnecessary.

After Abraham channeled his inner Joe Morton and gave the very blunt truth to Katrina last night, I cackled. It’s almost as if the writers are saying that Katrina’s ass was left in Purgatory all that time compared to Abbie’s few short hours, but anyway because what else can she do? At least Abbie has skills, at least she’s useful! Abbie took on two horsemen with a demon sidekick last night! What has Katrina done? Other than cause all this shit in the first place.

When Ichabod and Abbie were talking, and Ichabod mentioned that Katrina was this “powerful witch,” it was right there it’s as if I felt the ratings beginning to decline as people changed the channel. Stop trying to shove this false fuckery down our throats!!! She is not a powerful witch! She was using mirrors to contact our witnesses all last season, she couldn’t even lift a twig in the finale, and we haven’t seen any flashbacks showing off this “great strength” of hers!

She’s yet again the damsel in distress, idc if she says she’s a spy because wtf is she going to do? Henry knew Ichabod was coming, Henry’s not stupid. If anything, false info will be fed to her so she can lead both our two leads’ asses into a trap.

All we know about Katrina Crane is that she’s a fake witch, who has caused absolutely nothing but trouble. She’s responsible for two of the four horsemen, she’s responsible for bringing one back to life due to reviving Ichabod (I like Ichabod, but yeah if he stayed dead, so would Abraham right because of the blood ties? Thereby avoiding all Apocalyptic related events?)

She’s always just on the sidelines whenever Ichabbie has a scene together, and realistically, that’s all she can do. So what is the point of having an episode revolve around her? 2x02 was a massive eye rolling episode, and it’s too soon in the season to already start having filler, and that’s exactly what that was. Because nothing moved the plot forward, and Abbie risked her life to save her ass and she decided to stay and continue getting her Master’s Degree in irrelevancy. I’m over it.

If you want to have Crane family drama, then focus it on Ichabod/War. At least a psycho with daddy issues has more potential. It’s the second episode of the season, and I already shouldn’t be this impatient for this shit to take a back seat, so the Mills family drama can begin, because let’s face it, that’s what a lot of us are REALLY looking forward to.

TL;DR: Katrina kills ratings because useless. Stop having Katrina centric episodes.

Seriously, Writers, Please, Katrina is BORING


paelmoon asked:

The whole Ichabod & his wife thing is weird. They keep saying they love each other & he'd do whatever to save her, but it's all very unconvincing. If that's intended because of his relationship to/with Abbie that's fine. But if it's supposed to be genuine & he really does love his wife intensely it ain't working on-screen. You'd think the writers/creators could see that too, yeah? I don't mind Katrina (I like most of the characters tbh), but how they write her is very very strange.

our-destinies-entwined answered:

It is very strange. Like they had the chance to free her for real and the  writers are like nope. Stay trapped and be a “mole” with no ways of communicating with Crane. Great! Its a damn shame they do that to Katia. 


I really would like to see Katrina not trapped and go on an adventure with the gang. Maybe use some of her magic. Do something.



It’s so frustrating because they write her like she’s a plot device, but spend time on her like she a full-blown character

The bolded!